Eiffel Tower from Plume de Louise

Cette version hautement détaillée de la tour est un assemblage de papier découpé à la laser. Nous avons travaillé avec “La plume de Louise” et avec les plans de M.Eiffel pour proposer une version totalement #MadeInFrance de la plus belle tour du monde.
  • Creator Plume de Louise
  • Date 18/11/2018

The Eiffel tower is perhaps beautiful because the simple « in theory » design is so heavily contrasted by the audiousness required to actually build it. This staggering contradiction is the de-facto représentation for its people, the Parisiens, constantly lutting between highly analytical bureaucracy and pure latin fire. Our adaptation forced us into constant reflection of the simple nature of such an object and the highly specific choices that must be made in order to produce a series of these actually is.

Eiffel’s Tower is a symbol that is now beloved by the entire world and is a symbol of: liberty, resistance, passion, and refinement. It is a symbol that both « Mako » and « Plume D’ile Louise » passionately wanted to share in all of it’s marvelous detail. We tested many materiels and selected 600g paper for it’s ability to be laser cut with an 80W CO2 laser, while at the same time offering a perfect rigidity for a 26cm model.  The size was chosen precisely to take full advantage of the materials that we could source and the surface of our machine. Our laser settings were meticulously honed in on to assure a fine engraving of the 1st and 2nd story balconys while the same time assuring an acceptable cut time of only 15 minutes.

The entire experience has left me with only respect for Mr.Eiffel. With the advanced machines that we now have, it is still a daunting task to build even a replica of the original. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at we would be happy to talk with you about laser cutting and design!